Spacebar Games

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Spacebar games are widely popular games that use the spacebar button to play. Some of the most popular space bar games are dinosaur game, flappy bird, space invaders, etc. The faster you press the spacebar button, the more you can score in these games.

How do you play the spacebar game?

Follow the steps below to play a spacebar game.

  1. Visit and click the spacebar games from the side menu.
  2. Choose the spacebar game you want to play.
  3. Start the game and press the spacebar button as per the gameplay.
  4. Your score will increase as fast as you press the spacebar key.

How fast can you tap the spacebar?

On average, a person can tap the spacebar button 6.5 times per second. You can practice and increase your spacebar speed by using the space bar clicker game.

List of most popular spacebar games

Below are the most popular space bar games that you can play simply using the spacebar button.

Spacebar Dinosaur Game

This game was originally found in the Google Chrome web browser. It appears when the device has no internet access. The game features a t-rex dinosaur running across the desert and your task is to avoid hitting the hurdles. Just hit the spacebar button and the dino jumps. The speed gradually increases as you progress making it harder to play. Once you hit any hurdle, the game is over.

Flappy Bird Game

Another popular space bar game is Flappy bird. It got really popular in 2014 after Pew Die Pie reviewed the game. Flappy bird is a simple side-scrolling game featuring a ‘flappy bird’ which flies up and down as you press the spacebar key. You must ensure the bird does not hit the pipes else you have to restart the game.

Space Invaders Game

This is an old classic game played using the spacebar button. The game has a spaceship being attacked by alien invaders. Your task is to keep the ship safe by moving it around and killing the invaders by firing at them using the spacebar. It has retro graphics that makes you nostalgic.